A government should be an entity that serves us; not one that rules us.

- Cyrus Derakhshan

Task to Complete

As was mentioned on the main page, this website is not about mere words but rather about taking action.

Please do not wait for someone else to take action and do not pass your responsibility as a citizen to the next person. If everyone thought that way no one would act.

Change will only come when we all do our part.

Please take ACTION today!

This site believes in taking action by using the political channels that are available to us through peaceful, non-violent means.The assigned tasks reflect this philosophy.

The task to be completed is as follows:

For Canadians

Although the expense reports of MPs are posted at the Parliament of Canada website, we are only provided with a general breakdown of those expenses and not a detailed one. For example, we are only provided with the total travel expenses of a given MP and not a detailed breakdown of how those funds were used. The average travel expense of an MP for the last fiscal year was about $70,000! The total average expenditure for an MP was $380,000.
Your first task as a Canadian is to write your MP and ask for a detailed breakdown of his/her expenses for the last fiscal year. For your convenience we have already drafted a sample letter for you and all you have to do is change the name of the MP, your name and address on the letter and send it to your MP (Please make sure you don't mix up your MP with your MPP).

For citizens of other Democratic nations

Please do the equivalent task for Canadian citizens. For example if you live in the United States write your Member of Congress and demand a detailed expense report.

For citizens living under Dictatorship, Autocracy, Theocracy, Pseudo-Democracy, etc

Step one (before doing anything else) – Gather your intellectuals who are virtuous and well versed in the science of politics to design a new government structure and draft a new constitution.

In creating a new government structure, keep in mind that it must be one that ensures honesty, integrity, efficiency and accountability. The new constitution must be such that it keeps the government in check and does not allow for corruption to take place.

While engaged in this activity, do not worry about leadership or who your future leaders are going to be; that will come later. Do not think of yourselves as leaders if you are part of creating this new government structure and constitution. Rather keep your thoughts on the benevolent task you are doing for the common good and do it in a spirit of self-sacrifice. Keep in mind that just because you have the skills to write a constitution it does not necessarily mean that you have the qualifications to be a leader.

Write the constitution in such a way that it ensures power is well distributed and the resulting government is one that serves the people not one that rules them.

This first step is absolutely essential before taking any other steps to bring about change. Without this all your efforts will be wasted and will only yield futility.

*Once you have completed the task email us at so that we can proceed with the next task.