A government should be an entity that serves us; not one that rules us.

- Cyrus Derakhshan

This is a cross sectional example of corrupt leaders from different parts of the world. These are the kinds of leaders our world does not need; yet somehow we find them ruling in high government. These are the leaders that impose their corrupt ideologies on the masses and promote their own self-interest with disregard for the value of human life. They are well versed in the vices rather than the virtues and do not have the qualities of an ideal politician.

Hassan Rohani's pictureHassan Rouhani- Hassan Rouhani is the seventh and current president of Iran. He is a Shia Muslim cleric and is viewed as being more of a moderate leader as compared to the hardliners such as his predecessor, Ahmadinejad. Having had a close relationship with the hardliner Supreme Leader Khamenei for many years, it is hard to believe that Rouhani can be a moderate.

During the Presidential Elections he got Khamenei’s blessing and support because he was his representative for years. What is disturbing is that Rouhani’s new Justice Minister is Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi who was hand picked by Rouhani himself. This is significant because Pour-Mohammadi was directly responsible for the massacre of thousands of political prisoners in 1988.

Iranians should not place faith in Rouhani until they see some positive changes within the country. Rouhani has inherited the economic mess that Ahmadinejad left behind and has promised to somehow reconsolidate ties with the West in order to revive the economy. He is the first Iranian President to converse with an American President directly since the inception of the Islamic Revolution. Rouhani wishes to mend relations with the West by being transparent in regards to Iran’s Nuclear Programme. Notwithstanding, he intends to continue with the nuclear programme and believes that it is Iran’s legitimate right.

Under Ahmadinejad’s rule inflation rose to 40 percent and the currency lost most of its value. Sanctions have crippled Iran’s economy and unemployment remains high, especially among young Iranians. The biggest challenge Rouhani will face is obtaining approval from Khamenei for any decision-making on his part whether domestic or international.

Khamenei can veto any decision, and ultimately the final decision lies in the hands of the Supreme Leader. This creates a hurdle for the new president, as he may not be able to bring about any positive change. This new approach by the Iranian theocracy might be a political tactic that Rouhani and Khamenei have devised in which they play good cop/bad cop in order to create an illusion of a good foreign policy. Rouhani is certainly not an angel and his track record certainly demonstrates that. He has been responsible for the imprisonment and murder of thousands of Iranians and only time will prove if he is genuine in his intentions or if he is in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Putin's pictureVladimir Putin - A dictator under the guise of a democratic leader, who runs a mafia style government. Mr. Putin is a sinister tyrant that cares little about democracy or human rights. His wealth and private life are a mystery. Apart from being a thug, his interests include riding horses, diving and flying jets. He has been responsible for the deaths and imprisonment of many that stood against his corruption. Sergei Magnitsky was an accountant who was imprisoned and died in custody for trying to bring to light the theft and fraud of officials working under Mr. Putin. Another case in point is the imprisonment of businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky for not abiding by his implicit deal with Mr. Putin to stay out of politics. The murder of human rights activist and journalist Anna Politkovskaya and the murder of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko are also atrocities that were committed by Mr. Putin. With a new generation of apathetic Russians, the autocratic government of Mr. Putin has successfully managed to remain in power.

Berlusconi's pictureSilvio Berlusconi - Former Prime Minister of Italy who is more interested in playing with young girls and promoting his own businesses than serving his country. He has had an extensive record of criminal allegations such as tax fraud and bribing police officers and judges. He has even gone as far as trying to buy his votes in Italy's recent election by sending out letters to swing regions in Italy promising people a tax break.

Obama's pictureBarack Obama - Although not a tyrant, he is the servant of corporate America. In order not to be politically undermined, he does the bidding of oil companies, weapons manufacturers and other powerful capitalists. This is one reason that he does not have any force behind his political policies and strategies and is unable to put them into action. His whole agenda is run by corporate America. Obama is not necessarily an evil politician but he has no resolve to push for the changes and ideals that he pretends to stand for. Currently he is preoccupied with trying to bring his country out of a dreadful economic disaster without any success. Ultimately today the United States of America, a so called First World democratic nation is plagued with poverty, crime and social problems due to a corrupt and incompetent government.

Khamenei's pictureAli Khamenei - The Islamic government of Iran has been corrupt and bloodthirsty since its inception in 1979. Khamenei is a good case in point why state and religion should remain separate. Since his commencement into power many dissidents of the regime have been executed and tortured. He has no respect for religious minorities and continuously strives to harass and persecute innocent people. He does not believe in the freedom of press and ceaselessly continues to execute and imprison writers and journalists. Khamenei controls the internet by placing limitations and preventing access to international websites. His is a face that has destroyed an entire nation and its ideals.

Kim Jong-Un's pictureKim Jong-Un- Is a dictator and considered the supreme ruler of North Korea. He is the third in the generation of the Kim Dynasty who have ruled the nation since 1945. Throughout their reign the Kim's have been ruthless and brutal to their own people. While his people are starving to death, Kim Jong-Un leads an extravagant lifestyle, living in beautiful palaces and has an intemperate appetite for fine foods and liquor. His main interest remains in developing nuclear missiles. North Korea has managed to isolate itself from the rest of the world for years. Kim has continually ignored the U.N's treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and continues to sell missile technology to rogue nations such as Iran and Syria. Recently Kim decided to remove all his peace pacts with South Korea and promised pre-emptive nuclear strikes against the South.