A government should be an entity that serves us; not one that rules us.

- Cyrus Derakhshan

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Taxes in Canada keep going up

It is despicable that Canadians are forced to pay in excess of 42% of their income in taxes. This phenomenon is attributed to the lack of responsibility, accountability and efficiency on the part of the government. A considerable chunk of our tax dollars are not spent on services provided to Canadians but are rather spent on fake governmental entities, bogus government jobs and retaining obsolete departments that don't do anything. Government employees are paid inflated salaries that are way above the average as compared to the private sector. Please check the following article: According to this article “Taxes have grown much more rapidly than any other single expenditure for the average Canadian family, increasing by 1,886% from 1961 to 2014.”

Rant by: cyrus

Date/Time added:2016-03-03 23:44:24

Politics in Nigeria

As i write this, electorates in Nigeria are exercising their fundamental human rights to elect leaders for the next four years. While the incumbent is not satisfactory to many people as they continuously yearn for change. Nigeria is blessed with oil and several mineral resources yet the majority of the people live in abject poverty. It is beleived government should serve the people and not oppress nor victimise. Most Nigerian leaders are known for corruption and embezzlement. We just hope and pray the in-coming ones shall live up to their electoral promise.

Rant by: Laide

Date/Time added:2015-03-28 11:56:06

To realdemigod

Thanks for checking out the site and for your rant realdemigod. The article is not actually against the Canadian government but rather pointing out the short-comings of the Canadian Government. In Canada we live in a great country and comparatively speaking we are better than a lot of other nations around the world. But we do not have an ideal government and there are definite improvements that can be made because our government wastes a lot of money collected in taxes. Our government can improve in terms of efficiency and accountability and has the potential to become a role-model for the rest of the world and I hope that becomes a reality in the near future. But never give up and never lose hope. If we all work towards changing the world one day you can have a government you can be proud of.

Rant by: cyrus

Date/Time added:2013-06-09 19:03:58

Great effort

I'd like to commend you both on this great initiative. But I was really surprised to see an article against Canadian government. I always thought Britain and Canada as ideal governments. They do more for their people than any other country in my opinion. I'm from India and as the whole world knows our leaders eat tax money like pigs and hardly do anything for the nation. But I'm very happy that I wasn't born in Communist countries or countries run by dictators. Also on your page regarding 'Hall of Shame', I'd like to bring out that American President has always been a puppet of corporate America, serving the interest of only few key personnel. It has always been like that and I find it hard to believe it will ever change. I'm becoming more cynical with things happening around the world - people losing jobs, torture, no freedom, no human rights etc., But I foresee only revolutions springing all over the world for better or worse. But I think the idea of a true government to serve its people but not to rule is an Utopian concept. I don't even know if ever such thing happen in the history of mankind. I feel so helpless that even if I swim against the tide I can't get ahead much. Good luck to you both, realdemigod

Rant by: realdemigod

Date/Time added:2013-06-09 06:11:15

Great website

I'm 99.99% agree with what you are saying about goverments, the politicians and the way they are corrupted. In my humble openion the lobbyest has the power to force any President, any Congressmen and any person in charge to make decisions against their wills and against the people's rights and even against the constitition. This has been happening since ever. They buy people, the bribe people, they have been threatening people. Just a simple question if you would : Why president Obama has been granted the Peace Nobel Pize in his early stages of presidency, while he or his cabinet was merely in charge ? who ruled it out ? Who is in charge of granting Noble prize ? Lobby, lobby, oil money is powerful, Uk and BP are rulling behid every thing, even Wikipedia is corrupted guys. your searche in Wikipedia will not reveal what are you looking for about UK and Britsih petroluim and their affiliates. Regards. A Friend of Humanity.

Rant by: ali

Date/Time added:2013-05-04 23:42:18

Canadian Government unable to account for 3.1 billion Canadian dollars in anti-terrorism funding

Here is an example of Canada's government carelessly misusing taxpayers’ hard earned money. Visit the link and read all about it.

Rant by: Anonymous

Date/Time added:2013-05-02 21:50:21

Unfairness in American Politics

Paying attention to the recent presidential race lately or any political race over the years, one will notice that only two candidates: one a democrat, the other a Republican are promoted. Very few people know about third parties as the media often portrays them as crazy or out-of-touch with reality, and do not even consider them as viable competitors. This goes against the democratic principles this country was founded upon, and it is basically saying that the majority rules in this country. American politics should include all parties, instead of the lesser-of-two- evils approach we have now; because it exposes the other candidates and offers more options to voters. The recent presidential election is a good example. Even during the debates there were only the two main candidates debating; although the first debate between Obama and Romney helped people to find out the two candidates views on various issues, it did not give voters enough options (Rockler 1). There were six candidates running in this election, but only two: Barack Obama a democrat and Mitt Romney a republican were promoted by the media. The other four: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson were barely, if at all, promoted by the mainstream media; it is as if they were not even running. If we want real democracy, then debates should include all candidates. We have seen both the Republican and Democrat party’s visions for our country for too long, we need a new plan.

Rant by: George C.

Date/Time added:2013-04-27 11:08:03