A government should be an entity that serves us; not one that rules us.

- Cyrus Derakhshan

Distorted Telecommunication

Nowadays telecommunication companies such as Telus, Rogers and Bell have created an oligopolistic telecommunications market and are arbitrarily charging consumers unwarranted fees. These three unethical companies are amongst the greediest companies currently operating in Canada. It is no wonder that Canadian consumers are paying the highest rates compared to the rest of the world. Furthermore there is absolutely no justification for these companies to be charging these outrageous rates. It is no revelation either that these companies have made huge profits by robbing consumers.

Once again government organizations such as CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) and Industry Canada (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) have done nothing to regulate these companies and keep them in check. The CRTC has fooled Canadians into believing that part of their mandate is to regulate telecommunication companies to provide reasonable rates by creating a healthy competitive market. Not only has CRTC failed to regulate rates but it has also been a deterrent for competitors to enter the telecommunications market. A competitive telecommunications market would logically give rise to lower rates for consumers through the natural process of competition. Both the CRTC and Industry Canada have failed to take the necessary steps to create competition or regulate rates given the fact that these are essential service. Perhaps one of the reasons that the government doesn’t protect consumers paying high rates is that the higher the rate the more taxes for them.

Canadians are paying exorbitant amount of taxes to support entities such as the CRTC and Industry Canada (i.e. paying their salaries). Unfortunately not only are the two entities not fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations toward taxpayers, but instead they are supporting these rotten corporations. At this point the CRTC along with Industry Canada should be investigated to see exactly what it is they do and if there is any legitimacy for their current presence. Maybe a downsizing is in order.

Given the current turbulent economic times, Canadians should not be paying through their nose for telecommunication. Low cost communication promotes business and economy and as such should be available to Canadians at a fair rate.