A government should be an entity that serves us; not one that rules us.

- Cyrus Derakhshan

About us

This web site (Serve Not Rule) is dedicated to bringing positive change to the world. Centuries have passed and the world continues to live in a state of injustice. We are now in the 21st century and those injustices continue to take place. As humans we have made great and amazing progress in terms of science and technology. However, regarding civilization we have not abolished injustice, hunger, war and human rights violations. It is time for the next stage in the evolution of mankind. To bring about justice to every single individual on the face of this planet and live up to the name "Human". Let our children of tomorrow be proud of their forefathers for allowing them to inherit a joyful world.

This site is for everyone who wants to be part of bringing about that change. Ask yourself this very important question: If not now then when?

This site believes in taking action using political channels that are available to us through peaceful, non-violent means. Please refrain from any writings which incite violence or hate as it will be removed immediately. This site has a zero tolerance policy in regards to the aforementioned.

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