A government should be an entity that serves us; not one that rules us.

- Cyrus Derakhshan

A Government must serve its citizens, not rule them.

Although this is a Canadian site, it is not intended solely for Canadians, rather it is directed at all the peoples of the world. This site is neither a communist nor a socialist site; neither is it associated or affiliated with any political party or group. This site's central message is that government should be the servant of the will of the people. That government should be responsible and should be an entity that serves the people in a spirit of sacrifice; not an entity that serves itself. Adversely, today we find that governments are imposing their will on the people. Individuals in public office are abusing their power and fulfilling their own self-interest; entrenched in corruption, scandal and dishonesty.

As a result of bad government, today we find the world to be in a state of catastrophe. The world is plagued with wars, hunger, human rights violations, environmental crises, moral and economic decline and a myriad of other problems and misfortunes. Most people have lost faith in their government, their political system and especially their politicians. The term public servant has become a mere joke and most individuals that hold public office are not in office to be public servants but rather to be self-serving experts trying to get as much personal gain from their position as possible.

Most people do not realize with what simplicity and ease they can solve world problems. The answer lies in every citizen willing to take the minimal action and not leaving the problem to be solved by others.

As mentioned, most of the world's problems are rooted in bad government because of the failure of government to do its job; namely to deal with the affairs of the country that it has been tasked to serve. Society can be likened to a pyramid structure. If we take government to represent the top of the pyramid and that government is corrupt, then everything below it will also be corrupt.

In solving world problems, the first thing that people need to understand is the fundamentals of good government. The only way the world can progress towards an ideal society is through a moral responsible government built on the pillars of justice. Any other approach would be futile. How can such an ideal government come about? It can only come about if every single individual takes part and does not pass their responsibility to the next person. It can materialize if people stick together and support each other. Regarding politics and governmental issues, the majority of the world's people have a rooted apathy and are of the mind-set that someone else will probably take care of the problem. It is as a result of this very mind-set that we find the world in the state that it is today. It is also because most people are not willing to sacrifice for the common good. And then there are people that are content with their own ease and comforts and do not want to do anything about the misfortunes of others. They are busy with their own lives and will not devote a bit of their time for the greater good.

Most people just complain that there is no justice in the world and yet they are not willing to do anything about it. What they do not comprehend is that Justice is the most valuable concept in the world and that ultimately things that are most valuable are usually the hardest to achieve. Notwithstanding, if people work together to achieve this greatest of goods, it is not going to be as difficult a task. It only becomes an arduous task (or even an impossible task) to achieve when only a handful of individuals are willing to fight for it. Action must be taken by the majority of the people in order to achieve it. Neither should the populace of a certain country or nation be content with relative distinction of themselves as a society (example: we have it so much better than the Ethiopians) but rather always gage themselves by looking at the ideal.

The fundamentals of good government

A government must be an entity built on the pillars of justice and tasked with one fundamental objective, namely to run the affairs of a country as directed by the will of the people. Today we find that governments operate in the exact opposite manner. They are run by corrupt individuals devoid of moral fibre and only in public office to serve their own needs and to take advantage of public funds to their own benefit. Furthermore, governments impose their will on the people even though ideally it should be the will of the people that is imposed on the government.

A politician must be an individual with a strong moral fibre and well versed in the virtues. His or her only intention must be service to society in a spirit of self-sacrifice. But one glance at our politicians and we quickly come to a realization that most of them are corrupt, immoral and well versed in all the vices. It is for this reason that the corporate world has such great power and control with regard to policy making. As a result of their corrupt natures, politicians can be bought and democratic elections are based on partisan politics that are funded by corporations who support a specific political group in return for political favours later.

A government must excel in terms of efficiency and yet today we find that governments are plagued with obsolete sections and offices. Creating fake jobs to employ themselves and robbing the public of the funds they have contributed in the form of taxes. The concept of punishment and decipline lacks within all levels of government and as a result there can be no accountability or efficiency within government. It is for this reason that Canadians for instance pay 45% or more of their total income in taxes (This is taking into account all taxes not just income tax).

Governmental systems and structures around the world are erroneous and are need of major improvements. For example in Canada, we need to bring about change at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to make government efficient, responsible and accountable.

A government structure must be designed and a constitution drafted which would serve as a blue print that could be implemented by any government in the world. This structure must have the means to cut corruption (no matter how minute) right at the knees before it has the chance to incubate. This constitution would consist of laws that would make a government and its entities accountable and disposable if necessary.

This website has been designed to bring awareness and inform people about what they can do to bring about change. Please click on the different links on the site and educate yourself and do your part today to bring about change. Of utmost importance is the link entitled Task to complete. This link will assign a task that needs to be completed by every citizen that wishes to take action and wants to be part of changing our world. Since this is a Canadian site, the task will be directed towards Canadians but an alternate equivalent task will be assigned for citizens in other countries. Let us all take the time and effort to change the world to what it should be and hence become worthy of the name Human.